Amor – Frases de conquista (pickup lines) y música con Fernanda y Miguel

While I tried to break it down with ya’ll keeping it simple,…

Mi amor

Mi cielo

Mi flor

Mi linda flor

Mi corazón

Mi corazoncito

Mi muñeca

Mi vida

Mi rosa

Mi reina

…Mi jefa

Te quiero mucho.

Click here for the song “Respira el momento” por el grupo, Calle 13


Fernandita took frases de conquista to another level.

“La luna sale a caminar siguiendo tus pupilas”

…the moon [goes out for a stroll] following your pupils…


Sammy “el negociante” took this lesson very serious, and greatly improved with his lady-friend-meeting skills.


 20150219_204620Of course, Sixto didn’t really need any help, but enjoyed the class anyway.

And if all else fails, “Quieres bailr conmigo” always works. (Do you want to dance with me?)


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