Los Números, Los Colores y ¡Vamos!

Who would’ve thought Indians would be teaching Americans, Colombians and Chinese el idioma más romántico?! (The most romantic language)… Español!


Here is Amber, also known as El Campeón, teaching us Los Números. ¡Están abajo! (They are below)

0. Zero

1. Uno (NOTE: Uno before a masculine noun is Un, and before a feminine noun is Una. Por ejemplo (for example), Chico is a masculine noun meaning Boy. We know it is masculine because it ends in the letter “O.” Feminine nouns typically end in “A,” though not always… Therefore, ¿Would we use UN or UNA for Chica?)

2. Dos

3. Tres

4. Cuatro

5. Cinco




9. Nueve

10. Diez

We learned the question,

¿Cuántos años tienes? meaning, how many years do you have AKA how OLD are you!?

And you answer

“Tengo _____ años!”

SO most of us are in our twenties and thirties, so for now, just know 20 = Veinte, and 30 = Treinta

So I am 27. Therefore, “Tengo __veintesiete__ años.”    It’s easy, just add Veinte or Treinta before any of the numbers above!

Remember! – the ñ is different from your ordinary letter n. ñ (pronounced en-yay) can impact this question, as años means YEARS, but anos means anuses! yes that’s right. We also call the anus, “el culo” and butt cheeks are “las nalgas” >:-)

Then, Sammy “El Negociante Peludo” Bandy taught us LOS COLORES!


(¡El Negociante en acción!)

Blanco -White

Negro – Black

Café – Brown

Morado/Púrpura/Violeta – Purple

Rojo – Red

Rosa – Pink

Anaranjado – Orange

Azul – Blue

Verde – Green


El Negociante also taught the verb IR, which means to go

IR – to go

Yo Voy

Tu Vas

El/Ella Va

Nosotros Vamos

Ellos Van

We learned Nosotros means “WE” and “ÉL and ELLA mean he and she, respectively.

Vamos is a great word-

Vamos a comer! (Let’s go eat!)

Vamos a tomar una cerveza (Let’s go have a beer!!)

Vamos a estudiar (lets go study)

Vamos a ponernos borracho (let’s go get drunk!)

Vamos a la playa (Let’s go to the beach)

Vamos a ponernos pedo (lets go get wasted!)

Vamos a la fiesta (lets go to the party)

Vamos a bailar (lets go dance)

Vamos a echarnos unos tragos (lets go get some beers!)



El Negociante also taught us about compassion, in helping our fellow students learn the most romantic language, of friendship. Above El Negociante with Even, who taught us Mandarin.


El Club Español in action! See you every Thursday! 7:30pm Practice/Review session, 8pm Lesson 9pm Dinner!


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