Jan 29, 2015 CTX ¡Spanish Club!

¡Hola chicos!

Today we learned some basic:

Ser = to be (job, name, permanent things)

Soy = I am

Eres = You are

Estar = to be (emotional states)

Estoy = I am

Estás = you are

¿Cómo estás? = How are you

Estoy ….___Bien (good/okay)____ (or we can say, “Mal” for bad, “Cansado” for tired” or “Ocupado” for busy)

Gustar = “To be pleasing” ( remember, in Spanish we don’t take responsibility! j/k)

gusta = “it is pleasing”

so if we add “me” (which sounds like the month, May and not ME like in English) we have:

me gusta = I like, or literally, “it is pleasing to me”

Akshay likes Cerveza, so he said “me gusta cerveza.” Cerveza is beer.

We learned the following words:

No = No (at a party, and Spanish)

Sí = yes (notice the “accent” above the letter i)

Pero = “but”

Y = and

O = or

we can add “no” before a verb to make it negative.

No me gusta cerveza = I do NOT like beer.

Tener – to have

Tengo – I have

Tienes – you have


Cat = Gato

White = Blanco

¡Es un gato blanco!

(he) Is a white cat!

20140601_173037Fútbol = Soccer

Me gusta el fútbol – I like soccer

(notice the article, “el”… we’ll cover that next week, but it is sometimes required)

20140527_141623 That’s My dad, or “mi padre” He is a bit of a carpenter, so would we say “Estás carpintero?” or would we say “Eres carpintero?”

Answer: we would say ERES Carpintero, because the SER “to be” (which is where Soy and Eres come from) relates to permanent things, like name, and job, and where you are from (¡Soy de la India!)


Me gusta Comer. I like to eat.


This is and old friend of mine D’shawn, from Detroit, Michigan. Check out this conversation we never had!

Miguel: Hola chico, ¿cuál es tu nombre?

D’Shawn: Hola Miguel! Soy D’Shawn!

Miguel: Placer! (pleasure to meet you) D’Shawn, ¿de dónde eres?

D’Shawn: ¡Soy de Detroit!

Miguel: D’Shawn, ¿te gusta la guitarra (guitar)?

D’Shawn: Sí, Miguel, ¡me encanta** la guitarra!

**encantar is a word just like gustar, so use it the same way…. “me encanta ___comer___” = I LOVE to eat 🙂



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